PANDA EYES [black eyeliner, continued]

As promised, here is the continuation of my previous post. (And just for coming back, here’s my Instagram — take a glimpse into my world, with and without eyeliner.)

People always asked me why I wore my eyeliner the way I did. My default response was usually “because I do.” That was the truth. I didn’t wear it to rebel. I didn’t wear it to stand out. I painted my face the way chose, the way I liked. My black eyeliner was me.

Most people told me to stop hiding my beautiful face. Most people said I looked better without it. But I liked my face better with heavy black eyeliner. That was all that mattered. Honestly, the only reason I stopped wearing my thick eyeliner is because I knew, after college, I’d have to get a “big girl job” and in big girl world my panda eyes would be deemed unacceptable.

I can’t tell count how many times people said I looked like a raccoon, whether they said it to my face or whispered it in someone’s ear. I just wish people would have been more original with their attempted insults.

My friend Ajax (my given nickname to her) said I looked like a panda. That comment actually made me smile. You see, pandas are cute and our mutual friend Nani loves pandas. Nani passed her love of pandas on to me, the humanized panda.

I miss my panda eyes.

Not only were they my panda eyes–they were my pirate eyes, my Taylor Momsen eyes.

This past weekend I got my eyes back.

My boyfriend, my best friend and I went to see The Pretty Reckless at The Sandlot in Green Bay, Wisconsin. That was one of the best nights of my life. My love caught me a drumstick!


Call me silly because I’ve never met Taylor Momsen, but she just might be my third favorite person. I mean just look at her rocking that stage.


She looks about as happy as I was when I got my face back.

When Momsen knows she’s being photographed, she rarely smiles. People wonder why. I don’t, though. I think it’s the eyeliner.


black lines.

This past weekend I went to my first legitimate concert! (Festivals, such as Rock USA, don’t count as a legit concert in my book–and neither does seeing Foreigner at a fair with one original band member…)

I went to see Mayday Parade with one of my best friends. The Maine was also there, they played before Mayday.


The band, which has been around since 2005, is currently on its American Lines Tour. Mayday’s latest album, Black Lines is probably one of my favorites (okay, so I love all of the albums equally!)

My friend, Marissa, actually introduced me to the band a few years back. I’m not quite sure how I’d never heard of them before but they instantly became a favorite of mine. “They just get me. They get my life,” I’d tell Marissa. I couldn’t have been more excited to attend my first concert with “my Pipes,” as I call her, and that it was a Mayday concert.


Here’s me and my friend at the Mayday concert! 🙂

It was amazing. I was never sure I’d be a concert-going person because of the atmosphere, but it’s truly awesome seeing a band you relate to so much on stage singing lyrics about your life.

My friend and I actually plan on seeing Disturbed next month! Now they have been one of my favorite bands for well over a decade. I can’t wait. I’m sure I will find a way to relate it to the “black” theme of my blog so I can write about the experience!